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Fence Removal Services in Mobile, AL 

Local Fence Removal Services that you can trust 

Fences are great for making your backyard or property more contained and more “yours”. It’s nice to be able to put up a barrier sometimes. However, at other times, you might want to bring those barriers down. Alternatively, your fence may just be in shabby condition, and you wish to replace it.

Whatever the case, Delta Junk Removal can help you out. We are the premier junk removal force in Mobile, AL, where there are many neighborhoods and businesses surrounded with, you guessed it, fences. When any of those fences need to go, we’ll tear them down.

Chain Link Fence Removal

Are you looking to get rid of a chain link fence? The process for removing these fences is a little more difficult than just toppling over a bunch of boards. We’ll start by removing the clamps and fence ties, then move along to the removal of the chain links themselves. Finally, we’ll remove the metal fence posts as well. What we’re left with is a bunch of metal material. Instead of dumping this material, we will recycle it because that’s the more eco-friendly option.

Why Our Fence Removal Services? 

As it turns out, removing a fence isn’t as easy as it appears. Fences are sturdier than they look, meaning you need a strong crew and the right tools in order to bring them down. Don’t forget the fact that fences span entire properties. What this means is that there’s a big time investment when it comes to fence removal, and stopping work halfway through and resuming the next day leaves an unsightly “half-fence” in your yard. You want the job done fast, and you want it done in one sitting. We can help you at Delta Junk Removal!

What sort of fence do you need to get rid of? Whether it’s a wooden fence, a fence made of iron bars, or some other kind of material, there’s no doubt that we can make it disappear. Additionally, the cost of fence removal is affordable thanks to our fair pricing system. We will charge you for our labor, in addition to the amount of debris we haul away in our truck. You’ll appreciate the savings you net with us!

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Why Choose Delta Junk Removal?

What Makes Us Different
  • Customer Satisfaction Guarantee
    Our customers are our number one priority. We strive on giving our customers the best service possible!
  • Locally-Owned
    We are a locally owned and operated company.
  • Full-Junk Removal Service
    Our team of professionals will provide all labor, hauling, recycling, and disposal!

The Fence Removal Process 

  1. At the beginning of your appointment, we will arrive and ask to see the fence you want to get rid of.
  2. After looking at the fence and determining the best way to tear it down, we will do exactly that.
  3. Next, we’ll take all the resulting debris and load it onto our truck. Our full-service crew hauls fast.
  4. Finally, we will handle the fence disposal by taking all the debris to a nearby disposal site.