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Deck Removal Services in Mobile, AL 

We love sitting on our decks here in Mobile, AL. Some of us are even lucky enough to get a good view of the water. However, sometimes, those decks we love so much begin to deteriorate over time. What should be done about it? Well, just because you need deck demolition doesn’t mean you’re tearing down all the memories you made sitting on the deck in the first place. Contact Delta Junk Removal, and we’ll get rid of your old deck so you can make arrangements for a replacement! 

Why Our Deck Removal Services? 

The best way to remove deck boards and other deck components is by giving us a call and letting us do the work for you! That’s because Delta Junk Removal boasts a team of professional demolition workers who are fully insured and fully trained to boot. What this means is that there’s no reason to worry about hang-ups or accidents. Everyone is covered, and we always take caution to avoid those costly mistakes to begin with. You won’t find service with precision like this anywhere else!

Best of all, our deck removal cost is fair and affordable, too. You simply pay for the labor we provide to you, in addition to a volume-based cost for the removal of deck debris. Your wallet doesn’t have to take a big hit for us to tear down your deck!

How Light Demolition Works 

  1. Our demolition services begin with our timely arrival to the job site. Say hello, give us a handshake if you’d like, then take us to the deck you’d like us to remove.
  2. We will determine the best plan of action for deck removal. That way, we can guarantee a safe, incident-free teardown. You’ll appreciate the care we take.
  3. Next, it’s time to say goodbye to the old deck! It will not take us long at all to bring that deck down. Once we’re done, we’ll gather up the debris and take it to a landfill. 

Deck Board Removal 

So how exactly does the demolition process go, in terms of all those deck boards? Well, it’s actually quite simple. Your deck is made of a bunch of boards that are nailed together, loosely speaking, so all we have to do is take them apart. Generally, this can be done with tools like crowbars and hammers. That way, we can pry those boards out of place, and we can pluck out any nails that are holding the structure together when necessary. We start at the top and go down. That way, no one winds up taking a tumble!

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    - Susie M.

Why Choose Delta Junk Removal?

What Makes Us Different
  • Customer Satisfaction Guarantee
    Our customers are our number one priority. We strive on giving our customers the best service possible!
  • Locally-Owned
    We are a locally owned and operated company.
  • Full-Junk Removal Service
    Our team of professionals will provide all labor, hauling, recycling, and disposal!